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Priority Processing specializes in processing home loans in a precise and efficient manner. We make the customer and borrower experience as seamless as possible.

About Priority Processing

Priority Processing, LLC provides contract mortgage processing solutions offering the very best customer experience in the industry. Our leadership team, with over 50 years combined mortgage industry experience, understands that transparency in real-time communication about the current status of your loan file is your critical priority.

Our variable cost solution that allows you to out-source your mortgage processing while passing through the cost directly to the borrower will allow you to keep all of the origination fees charged on the transaction.

Our Services

Our goal is to get every qualified loan to closing on time, every time. We are aligned in that our services are also paid at closing, so getting loans closed is our number one priority.

  • Review initial processing submission
  • Order all third-party services
  • Submit to Underwriting
  • Review initial approval
  • Provide list of conditions to collect from borrower
  • Submit conditions to wholesaler/investor
  • Obtain final approval
Initial Disclosures
  • Order through LOS or wholesaler/investor portal
  • Follow up with borrower
  • Assure delivery

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Our Process

Priority Processing partners with mortgage lenders and banking institutions to assist with closing loans in a precise and efficient manner, while keeping them in compliance with current regulations. We believe it’s imperative to make the closing experience as seamless as possible.

Step 1

Once order is received our team will:

  • ✔ Review initial documents
  • ✔ Order third party items
  • ✔ Submit to Underwriting
Step 2

Once loan is out of Underwriting, our conditions team will:

  • ✔ Review and clear conditions with lenders/brokers and borrowers
  • ✔ Submit for Clear to Close (CTC)
Step 3

Once file is closed and funded, our team ensures:

  • ✔ All compliance documents are uploaded to your LOS
  • ✔ Input all milestones in LOS

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